What's wrong with my powerbook? Help!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by carbonmotion, Jun 16, 2006.

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    Jan 28, 2004
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    I have a 1ghz Alumium powerbook 15" 1gb of ram 60 gig hd. It's about 2.5-3 years old and a few days ago i find that when i put it to sleep for more than a few hours, the laptop won't return from sleep. I would open the laptop cover and the the screen would be black. Everything would go back to normal when I press the power key to hard reboot the laptop. Only the clock would reset to 1969. I've tried reseting the PRAM and nvram but to no avail, what's wrong with my laptop? Do I have to change the motherboard battery? Please help.

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    In your head.
    If the AC cable is not showing green or orange, you should consider that you primary battery is dead and so is the AC adaptor. Check the wall outlet, check all of the connections. It could just be that the computer is getting now power and that the battery is discharged.

    If not

    Try this. Remove the battery, just let it sit for a bit.
    Remove the power, and let the computer sit for 15 minutes or so.
    Now reinsert the AC cable.

    Worst case scenario is that it might have received some sort of power spike.
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    allow me to clarify...
    the cable + battery works fine
    its just that when i put my laptop to sleep for more than a few hours, it wont come back from it. but when i reboot, it's fine. if i put the laptop to sleep a few minutes, it comes back from sleep just fine.
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    Jan 28, 2004
    San Francisco, CA
    can someone help please?
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    I have the same problem with my 3 year old Titanium Powerbook.(just a bit older than yours) It wont come back from sleep. I've tried every thing in the book to fix it, but i cant. Although I havent tried a new battery yet - cause there ~120ish - a bit to much for me right now.

    I KNOW its a Power management issue, but resetting the PMU doesnt fix anything. So know i just leave it up and awake as much as i can. Apart from Replacing the Logic Board with a newer one i dont see how i can fix the problem. :( :( :mad:

    I have used this computer everyday (4-5 hours a day) for 3 years. So im just chalking it up to old age, and VERY heavy use. Im ready for a new computer anyway.
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    Jun 16, 2006
    PB Sleep Issue

    16 June 2006;

    There seems to be an activator wake/sleep called a 'reed switch' - it is sensitive to motions keystrokes and any movements...it happens on my iBook g4 off and on for reasons (?) - humidity/ temp changes while cooling during sleep - making the mechanical reed switch erratic.

    Check out a new switch; perhaps..

    Wayne Eligur Abq., New Mexico
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    Apr 27, 2006
    It's a G4, correct? Is there a gray screen with a little progress indicator when you press the power botton?
    If there is, a new feature on these machines, called "safe sleep", may be enabled on your computer. This means that after a specified amount of time your PowerBook saves its memory to the hardrive and shuts down. Thus, when you open its lid, nothing happens. The computer is completey off. When you press your power button, the memory is automatically restored from the hard drive and all returns to normal, usually. Because your computer was completely off while in safe sleep, there was nothing keeping track of time, except for the motherboard's clock. I think it is likely you need to change the battery on the mobo, but this could be a software related issue.
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    He said it's an older 1GHz PowerBook G4. They did not have this feature.

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