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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by rtao, Mar 14, 2008.

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    I have the Rev A 15" MacBook Pro with me, and I bought it back to May/2006. Last summer, Apple has a battery replacement program for battery that show poor performance with less than 300 charge cycle, and I had my replaced back on July/2007. Lately, I realized my battery drain really quick with less than 2hrs of battery compare to 3+hrs, I reset everything I can and calibrate the battery and it still not help at all. I quick called Apple and send my battery to their ASP in my area, and they decided to replace my battery once again. 2 replacements within 24 months, it really makes me think is it really the battery or if my MBP has a problem inside. Just wonder if anyone has a similar problem
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    Jun 11, 2007
    i did have the same problem as you, but once i got my battery replaced it fixed it. the battery that i now use gives me only 3hours. kinda a bit meh but i have a 2nd battery that gives me about 3.5hours. maybe you should try another good new battery..??
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    Yes, I also had a similar issue- my original battery provided less than 2hrs of power, had only 70 cycles, and used to turn the entire machine off at 30%- without any warning.

    Yesterday, I went to the Apple Store and got a new battery for it, and so far it looks promising.

    I would recommend trying with another battery- batteries always have some issue in them!
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    I did replace my original battery last summer when Apple first came up with the replacement program, and I just having the same problem again lately and send it back to replace it again.... lucky Apple take care of their defective parts....

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