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Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by LushMojo, Aug 16, 2016.

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    Longtime iPhone user (since the first model). Considering a Note 7 as I'm unimpressed with what the iPhone 7 seems to be shaping up to be. I really like the bezel-less design of the Note 7. And I'm a physician so the S pen looks really handy.

    My question is this: I've always used iMessage. I guess I'd be using Whatsapp on the Note. Do I understand correctly that I could text someone on iMessage but I just wouldn't get the Delivered or Read tags? And could I still be in group messages involving iMessage?

    Still deciding on getting the Note 7 or waiting until the iPhone 8 next year. I have a 2 year old iPhone 6+ that works great. Just like the Note 7 screen and the S Pen.
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    Nope - they are two different apps that don't cross integrate. If you want to message someone on WhatsApp, the other person needs to have WhatsApp also. This is usually the problem that keeps longtime iOS users from jumping to Android. ALL your friends/family need to be on WhatsApp (or WeChat etc) for it to work like iMessage.

    Basically - think of WhatsApp like Skype. You cant treat Skype like iMessage (unless ALL your friends/family have Skype also)

    You can use the regular text message app (default Samsung app or Textra etc) to text people with iPhones but for all of Android's pros - group messaging is NOT one of them. I've had over a dozen Android flagships and group messaging/texting is barely passable on pretty much all of them (screwed up notifications, super-compressed video etc)
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    Unless everyone you know switches to whatsapp you will be stuck with stone age sms.
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    What about being a DR makes you really excited about the S Pen :eek:

    Thank you for that, I have been trying to understand what I might be losing by not having iMessage. My note 7 should arrive Friday and this will be my first Android phone.
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    I like the aspect of being able to scribble down quick notes on the fly during rounds or during clinic. I'm always writing on scraps (lab values, specialist comments, med dosages, etc). Having the ability to do this electronically is great. I used to do it on an iPad Mini with Notes Plus and a stylus. It would be great to do it on a phone though.

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    Perfect. That's what I needed to know. I can live with that.

    Will Allo be roughly the same?

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