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iPhone Whatsapp notifications gone mad?


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Original poster
Aug 11, 2012
Dubai, UAE
Hi All,
So i've been having an issue with whatsapp since this morning... I suddenly get a bunch of notifications with no new msg's & even get multiple repeat notifications for msg's i had gotten and read hrs ago.
Turns out a friend in India was having the same issue... Is there anyone else experiencing this?
for what its worth, i'm using i5 jailbroken phone and my friend is on i5 6.1.4 (stock).


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Apr 20, 2013
I've the same problem with whatsapp notification..
so when i want a chatt with whatsapp i never close it :D


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Jun 28, 2013
I got the same problem this morning. All of a sudden a message I had received started to be notified over 400 times. I tried switching the phone off but it did not help.
I tried switching notifications off in the Whatsapp settings and then on even that did not work at first. However I tried it a second time about an hour back and it seems to have worked now.
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