When a "Genius" is not a genius...

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by scirica, Oct 29, 2010.

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    Three weeks ago I took my Iphone 4 into the Valley Fair (San Jose) Apple store to get the back glass replaced (dropped in parking lot without case at 6 days old :eek:). For $29 they replaced the back due to my out of warranty (read: jailbroken) condition.

    Last week I needed to use the flash on my phone for a night picture and the result was just a bright blue picture with a very faint image in the background. Worked great without flash, so my first thought is that my jailbreak messed up the camera...

    Decided to bite the bullet and go see a local "Genius" here at home in DFW. Guy takes the phone to the back room and comes out 10 minutes later and says "Fixed!" and shows me a picture he just took with the flash.

    Long story even longer...Apparently "Genius" #1 didn't realize that the replacement glass ships with a thin protector on each side and he only removed the one on the outside facing surface! Genius #2 said it's not the first time he's seen this.

    So if anyone gets their back glass replaced, I'd go ahead and take a quick picture before you leave the store just to make sure you didn't get a fake "Genius".

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    yeah good to know, but at the end of the day whether it is pcworld, comet, best buy, or apple, you will always get the most stupid people, occasionally you will get someone who actually knows something but not very often.
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    apple does some of its hiring internally, but most of the tech support over the phone is hired through outsourcing. and the places they use to outsource will literally hire anyone, no experience required no drug test (I know for a fact a lot of the reps are drunk or high) and they will hire you no matter what past felonies you may have. So yes don't be surprised if you try to get help from apple and the person is a complete idiot. They spend more time training on how "posistion" things instead of actual time learning different troubleshooting on the devices

    edit positioning is basically a sugar coated apple term for bull ******* people

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