iPad mini When are we expecting the new iPad Mini?


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Sep 16, 2011
When do you think we will see the iPad Mini 2? Do you think it's going to include a retina display or what?

Personally, I think it would be smart for Apple to release the iPad Mini 2 (with retina) before Christmas. I've heard that the retina is going to be released Q1 of 2014, but that would be so stupid on Apple's part to miss a Christmas release.

Also, do you think it is worth waiting for the iPad Mini 2? I need to buy one soon for school.


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Oct 20, 2007
Wait, yes.

Very unlikely to be q1 2014 surely, I think the whole point of last years schedule was to realign it to q3/q4.

Everyone's assuming it will be retina - as am I! - but it'd be heartbreaking (and surely unlikely) if it wasn't, heheh.

Chupa Chupa

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Jul 16, 2002
Sept/Oct. not before.

As for the wait, yes it's worth it if you can, but if you need for school then not having on at all is lost productivity. Find a good sale or maybe get a refurb. When the Retina mini comes out sell it and get the Retina.


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Oct 14, 2011
Fall time.

And then the wallets of the world will cry out in agony as they get emptied out by Apple's big Fall lineup.


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Jun 23, 2010
Miami, FL
I'm assuming it will be announced with the iPhone 5S but if that's the case, it's kinda odd there hasn't been any parts leaked for the mini, only 5S.


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Feb 6, 2009
Melbourne Australia
I visited my local apple store today to get my iPhone 5 replaced, while I was there I got to see the iPad mini for the first time since it came out. All I can say its so tiny and if looks far better than the iPad. I am on the boat whether to get a iPad 5, I might wait and hope the mini will get 128gb of storage and a retina display.

plucky duck

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Jan 5, 2012
I enjoy the mini's form factor, but not its weight and not its display. I feel it would be better suited for me personally if it took on slightly extra weight and thickness to accommodate a larger batter and retina display.

Goes without saying I too am waiting for a retina mini. I already have an iPad 3 so not looking forward to any future regular sized iPads anytime soon.