When are we getting new ACDs? Will we get OLED ACDs?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Scottsdale, May 12, 2009.

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    Three months ago I bought a 24" LED backlit Apple Cinema Display. I used it with a rev B MacBook Air 1.86 w/SSD. The ACD was absolutely gorgeous but was stolen from me. So, I am thinking about the possibility of the Apple Cinema Display updates which we have all been wondering what has been going on with the 30" ACD and what about a 24" matte display. Seems an update has been assumed for a year for the 30" ACD. When the 20" and 23" were EOL'd seemed that the 24" LED ACD had taken over that role, but still a matte 24" would seem likely?.? However, the mini Display Port has left a lot of people without an ACD option for older Macs. And the 30" ACD needs a $100 cable to work with newer Macs.

    Now, there are some rumors that the Mac notebook updates may have OLED displays. Supposedly the LED backlit added too much to the price for an update for the 30" ACDs. So we all wait. And there is no ACD for those wanting a 20" or 24" matte display?.? Now, do OLED Apple Cinema Displays happen anytime soon?

    The 24" LED ACD is absolutely beautiful, but it is really made for the Mac notebook and is glossy. I had assumed we would see 24" LED backlit matte display and 30" LED backlit matte display. When is Apple going to update its Apple Cinema Displays? Will there be an OLED ACD anytime soon?
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    How many times can you say ACD and OLED in one post? Jesus.

    Anyway, Apple has clearly shifted it's default to glossy displays. I wouldn't hold my breath for true matte displays in the near future.
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    I thought I've been reading that the OLED technology is not cheap enough to be viable...has this changed? I mean, I doubt they want to make their screens any more expensive than they already are.
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    yes, keep saying and wishing it and OLED will come true in about several years.

    Unfortunately, no matte. Apple is going the glossy route. If there is going to be matte, i'll wager it'll only be on the top high end stuff like the 17"

    If apple can get people who want matte to buy the more expensive 17" that's what they'll do.

    and again, no OLED

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