When considering where to purchase or preorder: AT&T or Apple

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by BeyondtheTech, Jun 10, 2010.

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    When it comes to AT&T's recent press release on how they're limiting new and existing customers to just one iPhone 4, you have to question if they're limiting themselves on purpose.

    I don't believe there's any amount restrictions on Apple's website.

    Maybe I'm just a conspiracy theorist, but I talked to a lot of AT&T reps in a lot of stores and asked them why AT&T, the exclusive wireless carrier in the US for the iPhone, gets a handful of these devices at every launch, and are sold out for days, even weeks at a time, when the Apple store right across the way in the mall can be stocked with hundreds or thousands and get replenished every single day?

    Many of the ones 'in the know' gave a viable explanation: Commission.

    You have to remember two things. AT&T store reps work on commission. They get paid on activations, contract extensions, accessories, etc. Apple store reps get paid hourly. One Apple rep can sell and activate 100 iPhones in a day and get paid the same amount, which is why the prices don't fluctuate, and their demeanor is strikingly calm, friendly, and almost Disney-like.

    So, if you were a head of a big corporation like AT&T, would you be so inclined to order half a million iPhones for all your stores across the country, so that your each of your store's reps could make commission, or would you hand Apple over a bunch of activation servers and access to AT&T's customer database so that the Apple store reps can perform the sales and activations for you for free?

    I was there at each of the launch days, and the AT&T store at my local mall had no more than 80 iPhones at launch. To add insult to injury, the AT&T manager allowed them to line up in front of the store with a count of over 400. So, when they finally sold out in the first 90 minutes and he came out to announce they were sold out, everyone else on line began to riot and the police had to come.

    Meanwhile, I stood on the Apple line and strolled in, got greeted by a handful of employees, and the mood was casual and relaxed. I even got an applause as I was leaving the store.

    I stayed in the mall for several hours that day, and the AT&T store was completely deserted, except for the employees who were leaning on the counter, staring out into the mall, and across to the Apple store, where they continued to sell well into the closing.

    If you can see that AT&T doesn't give a **** about their own employees, what really makes you think that they give a **** about you as a customer?

    Of course, the rules have changed a bit, now that they're finally offering preordering for iPhones. Otherwise, I would steer clear of any AT&T store for launch day, unless one was guaranteed a preorder or sale, or if you know someone that works there that you want to help out with some commission.
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    Even though I have been an AT&T well before I even owned an iPod, I have been an Apple customer even since I got my first iPod in 2005 (or something like that). Apple is where I am going to stay. :cool:
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    my question is, if i pre order from apple online, how does my contract get renewed? I have been with AT&T since launch day for the 3g, so i havent had to renew or pre order online.
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    ya know ATT also sells cases and chargers and headsets and other accessories that make them money. i dont think its done on purpose not to pay commission.
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    it will automatically get done. ATT and apple work together on it. back up your 3g, sync your iphone 4 to itunes and viola.
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    voila :p
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    I prefer the viola - been playing it for 46 years! :)
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    Mar 27, 2010
    Apple has a much much better selection.
  10. kmonie360 macrumors member

    May 4, 2010

    Existing customers can buy as many as they want for the amount of lines they have upgrades for...

    New Customers can get one per person in line... you want 5 on a family talk... bring 5 friends... no biggie

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    I purchased my iPhone in 2007 from Apple...got a Contour Polycarb case...awesome...

    I purchased my iPhone 3G from the ATT store in late 2008...and the rep there admitted, when seeing my Contour case, that they didn't carry anything that good. I went right to the Apple store, and picked one up.

    MUCH better selection.
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    May 4, 2010
    lol... on a 30 dollar case i make around 12 cents

    thanks for lookin out tho...
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    I'm switching over to AT&T for this phone, but my question is

    I'm able to get the premier discounts from my school, so do I have to preorder from AT&T directly? If so, do they offer shipping to my house on launch day?

    And if I don't have to order from AT&T premiers site, how would I get my discount on my plans if I were to order through apple?
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    You are wrong about existing customers of AT&T.

    How many devices can I preorder?

    AT&T stores will sell one iPhone 4 per person for new customers, and one device per household for new orders placed online. Existing customers may purchase one per eligible telephone number online or through our stores.

    source: http://www.att.com/Common/about_us/files/iphone/preorder_fact_sheet_ip4.pdf
    Apple controls the supply that AT&T gets and AT&T COR locations will be fixing the mess from the launch caused by clueless Apple store employees and clueless customers just like last year.

    Once the blum is off the launch, Apple will release more stock to AT&T for Direct Fulfilment and retail purchases.

    BLAME APPLE not AT&T for the supply, BLAME AT&T for the NETWORK!

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    what i am trying to say is that for ATT they are selling phones, and accessories. it is NOT in their interest to not have customers purchase from them..

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