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Discussion in 'iPad' started by ohsnap, May 30, 2011.

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    I'm curious what resolution others use when converting videos for use on your iPad. Do you usually let you video stay at it's native resolution or do you format it so it uses the full screen in landscape mode? I always convert my movies and tv shows to 512x384. It never seems squished when even though you are changing from 16:9, 1.33:1, or 2.34:1 to 4:3. Also, if you convert it to a full 1024x768 the file (assuming a 90 minute movie) will usually come out to between 3 and 5 gigs for an 800mg AVI file as opposed to 600mg-1.2gb depending on the source and quality settings.

    And what app do you usually use? On the Mac, I find myself using VisualHub even though it hasn't been developed since 2007. Then iFFMpeg and last MKVTools. Very rarely HandBrake unless I'm ripping a DVD which I almost never do. Also I've found that MKVTools and HandBrake make it very difficult for you to set your preferred resolution.
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    Handbrake has an iPad preset. Try using that.

    As for speed, cannot comment on Mac conversion speed. My win 7 i7 pc, with 16gb ram converts a typical 1 hour tv episode in about 6 minutes.

    With handbrake, 400mb file typically converts into 260mb. This is with using an iPad preset.
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    I keep the picture dimensions at the original unless the original is 1080p or I need a small version for the iPhone. Obviously you would never increase the dimensions from the original. There's also little point in changing the aspect ratio as the iPad can always zoom in to fill the screen if that's what you prefer.

    There is no reason to use anything other than Handbrake if you have to convert video -- it does everything that is sensible to do. If the underlying video is compatible with the iPad then you can use MKVTools/MP4Tools or iFlicks to repackage it into an MP4/MKV.
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    Apr 8, 2010
    I'm using Handbrake with the iPad settings and everything usually comes out great.
  5. AdrianK macrumors 68020

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    MKVtools is really just meant for remuxing, and quick-and-simple converting jobs, nothing advanced.

    On Handbrake it's extremely easy.
    • On windows it's on the video tab (it's the default tab, after all).
    • On OS X, just click 'Picture Settings'.

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