when dealing with a genius nagging is sometimes needed

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by marshallbedsaul, Jan 13, 2011.

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    Nov 14, 2007
    Figured I would share my recent apple genius bar apt.
    I went in due to a annoying line on my late 2009 15'' macbook pro. Noticed it anytime that the screen was dark or dimmed.
    So I took in the macbook pro and the genius look at the issue examined claimed he could not see a thing and made me feed rather stupid. Also pointed out that my mbp was making a crack sound ever since I installed my incase hard case. He sad that is too bad its the case nothing else. Funny thing is when it made the sound another genius look at the computer and said hey thats not normal. So he felt rather dumb, but continued on with his genius opinion that it was fine. He hand it back and says everything looks and works perfect sorry you wasted a trip.

    So I get the mbp back open it up in the apple store and go over and tell him the mark is right on the screen and he comes ever and says nope, so he calls over two more genius and they look at the screen and say yep write him up a repair order and have it fixed. I smiled exactly when the guy said that from 30 seconds of observation. The other genius just walked away and ignored me after that happened.

    Today I went and picked up the mbp and they replaced the screen and found out they also replaced my super drive. I was not aware there was any issues with the drive at all, but they fixed it. Also my computer is under applecare if anyone was wondering.

    Tryping this up has made me notice I need to work in sentence structure:rolleyes:
    and I cant help to think how many people dont nag the genius after they get a deny from them. Its almost like a god complex they say no its a no.

    Repair bill came to just under 700 dollars and I was wondering if there is anymore issues with this mbp can i request a replacement system? My apple car expires in Nov.

    Thanks for bearing with me but this may help someone out.
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    Jul 10, 2007
    Glad to hear other not so horror stories about the Genius Bar. Going in for an appt. later today for major display issues i.e. it died dead after a reboot.

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