When Do Fans On Powerbook G3s Turn On?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by In-Correct, May 28, 2011.

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    Jul 24, 2009
    While I am obviously on a budget, I also love ancient :apple: computers.
    One of the reasons is that I am surprised to see imac G3 slot loading with NO fan in it...and also PowerBook 1400 ...a LAPTOP...with NO fan!! :eek:

    ...and they still run. :eek:

    I am typing right now on a PowerBook G3 Bronze Keyboard. It does not have FireWire, in case if you are wondering if it is a Lombard...Pismo...Wall Street... I don't know which is which. :confused:

    It has a tiny fan in it. I have never heard or seen or felt it turn on. Like I said before...I am on a budget...and almost never have AC units on. It is hot outside right now (but it is very windy) .... I, feel hot. Shouldn't this laptop be even hotter? I know it is seemingly very durable hardware....and I am guessing that the processor is on a daughtercard...the same one that the RAM is on???? and that there is a lot of metal above the daughtercard, and to the left of it also, next to the AirPort Card...or whatever that thing is. It says "Hong Kong Telecom". (and next to that thing...is the fan)

    The metal above the daughtercard is quite hot (yes...I am typing with an extra Keyboard and external mouse also...and am observing the computer by lifting the internal Keyboard to where it sits over the internal mouse)

    The other metal is not that hot. The internal Hard Drive is not that warm at all. It has only gotten a little warm every once in a while.

    I have the Hard Drive set to where it turns off after one minute of inactivity... which is NOT the same thing as computer inactivity because the hard drive turns off while I am typing!! It is a 4GB hard drive... From Toshiba.

    Is this a good quality of hard drive? (Toshiba makes hard drives?! never seen a Toshiba Hard Drive before)

    I am mostly concerned about the Hard Drive. There isn't anything called a "PPC" hard drive!! so I am worried about it. also...there isn't anything called PPC Ram either...lol.

    Last month I lost my IBM 600E (I told you...i am on a budget LOL) and I think that partially the hardware is durable (even for Intel) is because of the processor speed (400 mhz) ... the point is...the IBM laptop outlived its hard drive. Did the majority of my IBM not get hot? Why didn't my IBM laptop ever turn off by itself if it ever got dangerous levels of heat?

    So will the hard drive inside the (333mhz processor) PowerBook G3 be all right? ...the fan still has not turned on. I am so curious to see it turn on. I use the laptop several hours during the day and I have been listening to music on it at night (whether it is internet radio, or through a USB drive...hard drive is usually off also) , but I normally let the laptop "fall asleep" during the middle (hottest time) of the day. and right now I have a giant box fan in here.

    and also I always have laptops sitting on plastic crates. not pillows lol.

    so if it ever gets too hot, will the fan turn on?, or will the computer crash? It will turn on if the hard drive gets too hot, right? isn't there a temperature sensor(s) next to the hard drive? :confused:
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    If it ever gets too hot, it will take care of itself. As for the hard drive, it is best not to have it turn on and off so often. Having it hot is one thing, but going from cool to hot to cool to hot so often is much worse for it than leaving it on. It should run plenty cool as is. No, there is no such thing as a PPC hard drive or RAM, as they use the same type of components as any regular PC would have, except for the CPU itself. Yes, Toshiba makes hard drives. They're just as good as any hard drive manufacturer, but the fact that that hard drive is at least 12+ years old doesn't bode well for its reliability, as if it is run long enough, every hard drive will eventually fail. If it does fail, you can easily get a new hard drive for it (120GB would be about $65, and is the largest you could use in that computer. 80GB is about $10 cheaper).

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