When do Refurb Prices Drop?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by NipponRob, Jan 23, 2008.

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    Jan 23, 2008
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm in the market for a LED MBP and have been following Apple's refurb store daily. With talk of the MBP being upgraded, I was wondering if Apple tends to immediately drop the price on older refurbished models, or if refurb prices on old models don't drop until the new models enter the refurb store months later?

    With an educator discount, I'd rather pay $1799 for a new model MBP than $1699 for a refurbished older model. (My hope would be to snatch up a SR 2.2 model for around $1500 before tax eventually).


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    Refurb prices oddly enough don't really always drop on older hardware. Take for example the 20" iMac. The refurb price on a 20" aluminum iMac is $1,049.00 while the refurb price on a 20" white iMac is $1,099. One would think the older iMac, with older specs would be cheaper despite the fact that the original price was more. But it doesn't always end up being the case. However that said a lot of times it will be.

    Whether it is right away or once the Penryn models hit the refurb store about a month later I couldn't tell you. But I would bet that they will only come down another $50 or $100 tops if anything at all, certainly not $200.
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    Mac Pros finally cheaper as well...refurb 2.66 was $2200, now it's $2000, and the refurb old octo is now down to $2500.
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    Prices don't drop; they fluctuate. You'll never see an MBP offered for <1500, or a Macbook <750, but you'll see a lot of swing between those ranges and the retail prices.

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