When Do You Think 2018 MBP Will Hit Refurbs


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Sep 8, 2010
Tampa, FL
Simple question - obviously only a guess... When do you think we'll start seeing 2018 MBPs hit the refurbished section of the Apple Store?

My first MBP was a 2009 from Refurb - and it's still in use today with an older family member.

I'm on a 2013 MBP... which is working fine, however it being out of warranty is little concerning.

I use my MBP for work - musical gigs - so having a reliable one is top priority.

Obviously the Refurbs are in 100% perfect condition, so I'm waiting to save a little cash.


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May 9, 2017
Austin, TX
I would expect within the next month or two you might see a couple refurbs start trickling into the Apple Refurb store.

Typically it takes about 3-6 months to start seeing refurbs to pop after the model has been released. This is largely due to a limited supply of repair parts (all the parts are initially probably going to the brand new devices that are in high demand), and once manufacturing catches up with demand, they can shift production over to making spare replacement parts for refurbs.

I have a refurb 2017 MBP wTB and I agree with you, refurbs are totally worth it. They are basically as good as new, and as one of the Apple techs once told me, they are a safer bet sometimes than the brand new devices, because each refurb has to be individually inspected for defects before packaging.
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Feb 21, 2011
I have purchased refurbished from apple as well, no complaints. If you are looking at the biggest savings you should compare sites like B&H which currently has some 2018 models $300 off list. When the 2018 refurbished appear on the Apple site I would expect bigger discounts from sites like theirs for new 2018.


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Jun 14, 2010
Obviously the Refurbs are in 100% perfect condition, so I'm waiting to save a little cash.
I've always had great experiences with Apple refurbished devices.

Just be sure to contrast the cost of an Apple refurb plus sales tax against the cost of ordering from an out of state like B&H or Adorama.

Additionally, if you went to a college in a different state than you current live, check to see if they will sell to you at the education price. I ordered my MBP18 from my undergrad campus store under the back to school program. No sales tax(*), and AppleCare+ was substantially discounted even beyond Apple's online edu store discount.

(*) though that won't be the case after Jan 1 2019 when my state's sales tax rules change
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