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Feb 4, 2010
I know Apple continues to update safari and give security updates to mountain lion users, just curious if anyone knows how long they will continue to support mountain lion? It seems Apple is updating the OS so much quicker and ending support sooner.
Reason I ask is because I have a few applications that don't work past mountain lion and just want to get a sense of how long I can stay 'safely' on mountain lion.


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Apr 21, 2012
Not long I think.

There is a new safari beta 9.0 for el capitan, yosemite and mavericks. But there isn't one for mountain lion.

So I reckon when el capitan is released, apple may drop support for mountain lion.
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Jul 27, 2008
i find Safari to be buggy with new releases so losing support for Mtn Lion is a blessing if your using your machine as a Video Editing Server or DAW. No more Apple meddling into the OSX that will make it unstable. Good riddance apple…go mess-up all the other operating systems and leave Mtn. Lion alone.
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