When does warranty start on a previously used (returned) ...

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by AndyFL, Dec 18, 2009.

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    Aug 20, 2007
    ...laptop purchased from BestBuy? I couldn't walk away and leave that poor MacBook Air 1.6/2/120 for $549. Hell I'm not even sure if I can keep it, but I couldn't let it sit there any longer with such a disgraceful price-tag :)

    At any rate, the BB saleskid said 1yr from today - I'm a bit skeptical since it's a used machine (an "open box" item). Not a huge deal, but just want to be sure I know in case I sell the machine or if I want to add some AppleCare extended warranty. Thanks in advance.

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    Oct 6, 2006
    It's from when you buy it

    BestBuy is an authorized reseller of Apple products so warranty from Apple will start the day you bought it. The issue will be that you may need to have AppleCare update the date of purchase from your receipt. I ran into this problem when I bought a computer from CompUSA, Apple had the date of purchase from when CompUSA took possession of the computer, one simple fax and I was covered in full and had the option to add AppleCare
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    Aug 20, 2007
    Just to follow up on my own post, for anyone searching the archives..

    First I checked apple.com/support/oss - to see if by chance it had been registered, and if so, when the warranty might expire. Came up with nothing, it was not in their database, so I decided to submit my receipt for documentation and would hear back in a day or two.

    In the mean time I called Apple Support, to see what info they had on this machine. I give them the serial, he says there's about 70 days left on the warranty. WHAAAT?! Crap. He told me the warranty starts when it was originally purchased (from the first buyer). Damn. Based on the condition and the internet history left on this computer, I was sure it wasn't more than a few weeks old (with only 10 battery cycles!). Maybe the guy bought it, sat on it, then finally opened it, returned it? Who knows.... So all I could do was hope that *maybe* the phone rep was wrong or *maybe* the documentation department would be in the holiday spirit. Well, I don't know which one it was - but I do know that they approved my purchase date and I now have the full warranty.

    So, myusername is right - just FYI for those searching in the future.
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    Nice job on both counts - the price coup and the warranty adjustment.

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