When I archive a Mail message, it won't remove itself from my Smart Mailbox.

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    I have a Smart Mailbox set up so that if I receive an email from a database, it goes into its own inbox. From there, I want to archive the message so that the inbox is cleared out. The problem is, when I click "Archive," it merely duplicates it to the Archive folder - it does not remove the message from the Smart Mailbox (although it is marked as "Archived").

    Any help would be IMMENSELY appreciated! Even if it's just a "I have that problem, too" response.
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    A Smart Folder isn't actually a folder, per se. It's a saved search. What you need to do is modify the Smart Folder conditions to not show any Archived messages.

    Basically, just add this rule:

    Screen Shot 2012-08-30 at 11.02.04 AM.PNG

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    Mal is entirely correct. But just to expand on what they have said for future readers... The email is not actually in the Smart Mailbox, so it's not duplicated. What you see in a Smart Mailbox is merely a pointer/alias/shadow of the message. Clicking on the message opens up the message in the folder that it physically resides in. Smart Mailboxes are a good way to organize messages because you can sort messages as many different ways as you want without actually duplicating them. Also, an action taken on a message in Smart Mailbox is performed on the original, which is then reflected in all the Smart Mailboxes.

    Smart Folders (in Finder) work the same way.

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