When I send an email using gmail, I get a duplicate copy in my inbox.


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Jul 3, 2007
This is very annoying, but whenever I send someone an email on my gmail account on my iphone, I get a copy of that email in my inbox on my phone. So for a second, I think I got a new email, but it turns out to be a copy of the one I sent:

I've tried almost everything I could think of on my iPhone's end AND gmail's end with no success. Any suggestions anyone?

Thanks!!! :)


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May 31, 2005
Nashville, TN
There are threads that deal with this issue, I believe most people will tell you to either 1) Turn off recent mode in your advanced settings of your Gmail account on iPhone or 2) create a filter in Gmail that trashes all from youremail@gmail.com.

This thread extensively discusses it.