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When iPhoto isn't enough


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Mar 12, 2009
Wichita, KS
Good article to help folks think about their evolution in photography.

I think the biggest thing that the article fails to mention is just how ridiculously affordable Aperture is for what it can do. $80 is a really small price to pay for what Aperture gives you. Occasionally I'll export something out to Photoshop CS5, but I can get most of what I do taken care of with Aperture alone.


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Original poster
Jul 9, 2012
I agree. The easiest, cheapest evolution step for an iPhoto user is to move to Aperture. It will use the same photo libraries that were started in iPhoto.

For many folks it is a big step to move from shooting mostly jpg files and using iPhoto to shooting mostly raw files and using Aperture or LR to edit the raw files.
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