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Oct 22, 2012
I'll start this post by telling everyone to laugh at me.

My tower died last November. I did not initially buy one cause I had a 2008ish Imac that my wife used, which I can work on. Besides new towers were coming out in Feb of 2012 so I should wait. Ha.

Wait all the way to Macworld then am totally let down.
Decide to buy a new IMac only to find that an update must be around the corner. Ugh that was months ago, and I stopped following the MacPro feed.

Tonight I find out that the new IMacs will not be announced tomorrow. So if no new IMac happens in 2012 should I then wait again for the Pros? Sounds insane. Is there any news? Would it be Feb or Macworld or next fall. As if anyone knows. i guess Cook did say "Late 2013" right?

Moral of story... When your work machine dies you buy a new one right away. No matter what the RUMORS say. I could have had a dual hex core for the last year. I'm stupid. Mind you the IMac has held up well, except for 3D renders but that is asking too much from this machine.


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Jan 10, 2007
Late 2013 is UNSAT in my opinion.
There is no reason why they can't produce a powerhouse similar to the HP z8something.


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Mar 10, 2009
Tonight I find out that the new IMacs will not be announced tomorrow.
Well someone fed you a huge bucket of hooey on that one. You can pile that on top of the rest.

Late ( end Q4 / early Q4 ) 2013 is probably another bucket of hooey on the Mac Pro.
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