When receiving new iMac, what issues to look for (backlight bleed, yellow tint, etc)?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by macronerd, Oct 3, 2013.

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    My new 27" iMac is being delivered today. It seems there have been 2 instances of the backlight bleed confirmed on this forum with so far. Regarding the issues of backlight bleed and yellow tint, what is considered normal and acceptable appearance and what would be valid reason for an exchange?

    Are there any other issues to look for?
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    To be honest, a valid reason for exchanging would be anything that doesn't look acceptable to you.

    A good test is setting it to a solid white background with max brightness and then just taking a look at everything from various angles.

    Then set to a solid black background with max brightness to check for back-light bleed.

    All LED panels will exhibit some form of light bleeding through just because of their very nature (particularly back lit panels). Some people just experience more in one corner vs another. Viewing from odd angles may amplify any "issues" further than normal angles.

    I hope this info helps!
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    I believe an acceptable amount of bleed is a slight brightening coming from the edges of the screen. This is what mine has, and perfectly normal for LCD screens. I have this on my TVs and another monitor i own.

    It gets more intense if you vary the angle so you should really be looking at it head on.

    It shouldn't be noticeable with an image on the screen. It may get worse if you increase the brightness to max but still largely unnoticeable.

    I think where the problem occurs is some people have very bad leakage in the form of a cone burst which may emanate from the lower edge for example. Like a sun burst onto the screen. It would typically make a dark scene in a movie a very messy / washy grey. Some people have had a yellow tint too. This would be noticeable in black areas where it tints the black.

    But quite honestly, would you have noticed without this forum? Dont get too hung on it. There will be some minor bleed most likely, you will NEVER notice it whilst using the computer. You may notice it if you pause a video whack the brightness to full and look from funny angles.

    beaten to it. John covers all
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