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Apr 21, 2009
When seeking directions in Safari in iPhone 4S- I am led to Google Maps.

I very much like the apple Map app not sure of proper name for the app.
I don't know why when I googled this issue I consistently heard anti Apple map rhetoric, with seemingly "everyone" wanting Google Maps.
The second I tried Google Maps, I felt it inferior to The Apple Map.
I no longer use a $400 Garmin GPS ( 3 years old ) because the Apple Map ( not sure of correct name for it.. sorry- I use it for directions between point A and B ) is more intuitive. The Garmin does not go with the flow... if I deviate from Garmin's suggested route, it spends undue time teling me to make U Turns etc.
Where as the Apple Map is "quite smart" it just proceeds as if I intended to take the variation of its original suggested routing.
It speaks to me clearly. Google map seems to not "speak".
In any case, how, when Googling* ( * there's the rub ) in Safari for a new location, can I use APPLE Map and not Google Map??
Thank you


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Apr 30, 2012
when you use google to search for directions, and googles results come up they will use the google maps app.

in order to use apple maps, try searching for the address or location from within apple maps. or use google to find the address or location, then manually input the address into apple maps.

i just opened apple maps to search for 4 businesses in my area, all were located properly and was able to start navigation using it right from the app.


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Oct 24, 2012
As Dictoresno mentioned, just search within the Maps app built in your device. See screen shot below:


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