When should we be seeing the 5g ipods?


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Jan 30, 2005
I was just wondering when Apple would be releasing the latest batch of ipods? Any estimated times/guesses?


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Jul 23, 2002
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They'll be released when Apple announces them.

If you're thinking of buying one, buy it. It's probably a 5 or so month wait before we see any real changes to the iPods.


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Mar 10, 2004
San Gabriel, CA
The heck with that. When will we see G5 iPods?!

Just kidding.

The next bump for the iPod (color screen for all, 20g, 60g, 80g drives and a bump to probably 8 or 10g for the mini) should arrive around WWDC. This will also coincide with the release of Tiger and speed-bumped G5 desktops (2.3Ghz, 2.5 & 2.8) Also, speed-bumped and feature-bumped iMacs (bigger drives and better video and faster processors)
Speed-bumped PowerBooks should arrive in March. G5 PowerBooks will wait until MacWorld 2006
Mac Mini will get a speed-bump at the same time as the G4 PowerBooks.
eMac will go the way of Elvis by WWDC.
Phew! This is all speculation. I have nothing upon which to base this but my own expectations based on where we are now and my experience watching Apple schedule releases over the past few years. Feel free to flame.


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Jan 30, 2005
I was just wondering because my friend wanted to purchase my 4g 20gb and I was ready to sell since I heard from fellow mac fiends that the 5g ipods should make their way in a month or two. Guess I'll hang on to it for now. Thanks for the input.


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Jan 5, 2002
Counterfit said:
I don't think we'll see 5G iPods for a while. Apple Expo (early September) or MWSF '06 probably. There might be capacity bumps, but at the earliest, I'd say April for those.
Do you feel the same prediction for the iPod mini? My wife really wants one but saw the rumor regarding the update here on Macrumors. I almost feel that the pain of waiting isn't worth it and she should just buy now... any thoughts? She gets a student discount so that would soften the blow if a new one came out say in a month or two.


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Feb 10, 2004
I would expect some drive size bumps soon, but not any feature changes. With the mini, I was expecting to see 5gbs early this year, but with the Shuffle out now, I am wondering if they are trying not to compete to much with it by releasing a new mini...

Maybe we will have to wait until the 8gb drives are ready for mini updates? I'd like to see a 4 or 5gb mini at $199 and an 8gb at $249. I'd get a $199 5gb mini in a heartbeat.



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Dec 26, 2002
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Duff-Man says....pure speculation, but based on info from the various rumour sites....I think the mini will get a boost fairly soon as it is now a year old...the 5th Gen. iPod will show up around July/August...oh yeah!


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Jun 24, 2004
I would hope there would be an iPod mini update fairly soon, if only to get the battery life up to the level of the rest of the range. It's still on 8, whereas the rest are at 12-15. That seems more important than going from 4GB to 5GB, welcome though that would be.
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