When to clean install and partioning question

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    What are the situations in witch you may have to clean install OS X? I kniw it is fast and harmless, but is there any advantage to do so efery few months? Also, is it ok to install and reinstall bootcamp multiple times? I mean, is there any harm to OSX in partitioning the disk e ery couple of months?

    First I had bootcamp on 50GB, then I decided to go for 150GB, few weeks later 250GB, now I want to go for 300GB. Am I harming Mac OS in the process?
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    The main legitimate reason for a new install is to get out from under a screwed up existing installation. This may be from messing around with the system and deleting needed OS components, or more commonly junk incompatible utilities that have made the system unstable. There is certainly no need to reinstall every few months.

    I don't see how repeatedly reinstalling Bootcamp/Windows would hurt anything. If you are on a SSD, that does add some unnecessary wear cycles on the memory chips in the drive... but even that is not a big deal.
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    Reinstalling OS X should always be your last option to fix certain issues, it's certainly not something that has to be done frequently, if at all.

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