When tweets can make you a jailbird

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by mscriv, Mar 17, 2010.

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    Kinda scary...
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    Well, that's what privacy settings are for. Honestly though, I don't see it as scary so much as stupidity on the behalf of the criminals. Of course posting anything public connecting yourself to a crime you committed is a bad idea. If the police weren't actively searching the site, all it would take is a scheming or jealous partner or a whistleblower to forward the picture and you're still done for.

    I have a friend who had a vanity license plate stolen from his car a number of years ago. He was upset, but he didn't think much of it -- there's no way to trace a theft like that -- until a couple of years later when someone directed him to a photo sharing site featuring two drunk looking university students posing with his plate. He was able to find out how to contact them and got his plate back.

    I think the real fears with social networking are what regular people are now capable of doing in terms of cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying. At least the police set rules for themselves on what they can and can't do. Kids and jealous ex'es don't.
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    Well said.

    It amazes me when criminals brag about what they done and it gets them caught (in regards to other Facebook cases).
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    Social networking sites, whether MySpace, Facebook, Twitter or whatever, tend to bring out the worst in attention whores.

    But don't kid yourself, law enforcement isn't the only one following you. Employers, potential employers, college officials, school authorities, parents, neighbors, et. al. are watching and listening too.
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    Only if

    1. You're in trouble with the authorities :p

    and 2. You put your life online.

    I'm more worried by the fact that I've read reports of employers searching for people on Facebook etc. All they're going to see of me is a photo and the option to friend me or send me a message.

    I deliberately don't put my life online, which is weird given that I'm on forums and twitter and therefore, kind of an active online presence.

    Facebook's the only one with my real name attached though, and there's nothing about my life on there for people to read. No pictures, no (public) comments. It's just a glorified email account.
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    Which makes you smarter than 99% of others on social network sites.
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    So True.

    Most of my college aged friends have changed their facebook name to a different moniker. For example, "Tom Jones" would be changed to something humorous, like "Blademaster Tom" or something.

    This is a big reason I stopped using facebook.

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