When will I be able to listen to music via bluetooth?


Jun 18, 2004
I wonder whether it'll feature on iPods first, just to give them a sales advantage, then appear on the iPhone once Apple think they've fleeced the consumer as much as they can.


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Jul 14, 2007
Kansas City, MO
I already have the Plantronics 590A bluetooth headphones. They come with a bluetooth adapter. It is just annoying to have to use the adapter with the iPhone which has bluetooth of course.



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Jun 26, 2007
So, I mentioned this in another post, but I was on the phone with my fiancee not too long ago and i was demonstrating some of the features to my pops, then I said, hmm, let my try playing music while I'm talking to her.....

Now, I had the bluetooth on and didn't think one bit that I would get music through my Jabra BT350, but it worked, and it worked pretty damn well. The only thing is that it only works when you're in a call.

Obviously it's kind of pointless, but I guess if you're ever on hold with someone, then it may be worth a lil.

Anways, I thought it was pretty cool and would def. love to see a firmware update, which is always possible, so you can listen to music when you're not on the phone.

Only time will tell......


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Dec 4, 2005
Do you think Apple will release a firmware update that will allow me to listen to music on my iPhone via bluetooth?

I think this is the deal on this one. AT&T is the absolute worst when it comes to content. They have no music downloading service (which is prob why apple chose them among other things), so they don't carry stereo bluetooth headsets. I bet they worked out a deal with apple to have them not support the profile. For as long as apple is with AT&T, i think the iphones bluetooth will be crippled. Which is really weird, since AT&T is known for full featured bluetooth phones, while verizon is known for crippled phones. Now, all new verizon phones support obex and stereo bluetooth and DUN and you name it...strange turn of events. What kills me, is that all the iPhone would have needed is a few basic functionalies. Such as GPS, fine no 3G yet (I agree, i want battery life), and full featured bluetooth, mms, a camera with actual functions such as zoom and VIDEO!. I'm sure there are many more, but at least by adding those things, next to no one could complain about it. The worst part is that they all seem like trivial obvious additions. I would love to read through the reasoning for leaving all this out.