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Erehy Dobon

Feb 16, 2018
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I doubt it.

Apple thinks you should buy an iPad Pro. With increasingly more robust iPad Pro support for input devices and other peripherals, it has become apparent the direction Apple is heading.


macrumors regular
Apr 23, 2009
I really hope they bring something back. I got the last version, after they discontinued it, in a sale and I simple love it. It is so much nicer to work on small but real computer as compared to a iPad. It is not the keyboard or mouse, but the software. IOS software always has the feeling of it being a reduced version of the real software. Kind of the 'kiddy'-version. The kind of software you start with when you are small, but stop using once you are 10 or 11 because you are big and smart enough to use the real stuff.

Off course the keyboard must be better, and give it two ports rather than just 1, and I will buy it!
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