When will we see 30" thunderbolt display?


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Mar 23, 2012
I'd like to get a new thunderbolt desktop display but all the talk about retina display support in mountain lion and the fact that the 30" cinema display has disappeared with no thunderbolt replacement has me stuck.

I'd love a 4k display but is that really going to happen in the near future? Is there any information from hardware makers along those lines?

Why won't apple at least issue a 30" thunderbolt display with the existing 2560x1440 resolution? I guess one size truly fits all. You can have any display you want so long as it's a 27 inch.


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Jul 7, 2008
I don't think we are going to be seeing a "retina" thunderbolt display any time soon


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Mar 13, 2008
London, UK
30" displays are 16:10 ratio, with a 2560x1600 resolution. Apple have switched to 16:9 (ie: 2560x1440 resolution), so we won't be seeing a 30" display - the 27" is a direct replacement for it.

4K displays are incredibly expensive right now, I doubt we'll see them as computer displays for several years yet.


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Jun 11, 2013
I'd love a 30 or even a 32

We use large monitors and had many of the 30" displays until they started to die after years of use. then there were no more and we had to buy Dell or HP as they were the only 30 inchers in town. We do large scale drawing, drafting, architectural acoustics etc. and need all the screen real estate we can get. We tried the 27's and they are just not big enough. it is not just pixels but size too. I was hoping that Apple would eventually come out with a 32" since all the panel makers make 32" panels. Having used the Dell and HP monitors which are 1/2 the price I can tell you they are only 1/2 as good too. They are slow, have poor color uniformity and have other issues we have found. I dearly wish Apple would come out with something really great to go with the new Mac Pro which looks like it will be amazing.