When will Yosemite get released?

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    I am new to Mac (Retina MacBook Pro) and my Mac came with Mavericks. I watched all WWDC live and I think I felt in love with Yosemite :D but it will released in fall :( So is the date of release is certain? Also is there a way to get Beta version during Beta program? Also if I can get the Yosemite Beta, can I part ion my disk to load Beta Yosemite on one partition and keep Mavericks as my ''core'' OS until Yosemite releases to public? Also If I can't do that, how will I update OS X? Okay, I will download the App from App Store, and simply click to the app to get Yosemite? Is it that easy or are there some steps that I should do before Yosemite releases?
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    You can sign up to a developer program and get it now if you want. Or wait for the public previews to be released and sign up to that instead. I don't know when it will be released to the public. I don't think apple know either - it depends on how long it takes for all bugs to be fixed and all intended new features to be added. Then a golden master will probably be released to developers and if there are no problems with that, public release will follow shortly after.

    You can put it on partitions. I did it yesterday.

    I put it on 2 computers. For the first (a mba) I did it directly from the installer (and it didn't make a recovery partition) and updating from mavericks 10.9.4 beta build 13E9. That was very slow.

    If you use the installer directly, be sure to copy it somewhere like an external hard drive first because doing it this way will mean the installer will delete itself.

    Then I made a bootable usb of yosemite and used it to partition another computer (a mbp) to dual boot mountain lion and yosemite. The partition I installed yosemite onto was formatted first and so effectively that is a clean install. That was much faster to install than the upgrade from mavericks.

    You should be able to do a similar thing to dual boot mavericks and yosemite.
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    They'll probably have a September event for iPhones and iOS 8, and then a October event for iPads, new macs and Yosemite.
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    1st thing to do.

    Read up on dual booting your machine. Either using the internal drive or an external drive. If this is your only machine you rely on day to day, I'd go with the external. External doesn't mean slow anymore, some drives will read and write well over 300MB's which I can assure you is just fine for beta testing an OS.

    2nd thing:

    Either drop $100/year on a developer account or take your chances in the beta lottery and get access that way.
    If someone has to live on the bleeding edge, then the $100/year won't bother them them. There are other means to get a beta OS but I won't cover it here.


    Do lots or reading and researching of problems people are reporting about, how to make USB install disks, backing up your information, remember Time Machine backups rarely work from a main point release to another so don't install Yosemite, do a TimeMachine backup then decide to go back to Mavericks and now your backup doesn't work.
    Problems happen, sometimes HUGE problems happen with beta OS's it is better to be prepared for it than to be caught by surprise and not have a game plan.
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    They said fall, so anywhere from September to November.

    Apple usually has an iPod/iTunes event in September, but given Broadwell's release from intel by "end of 2014" I think we're seeing Yosemite launching with new MacBooks in October.

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