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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jerry16, Jun 22, 2017.

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    When you purchase a new MBP, what do you look over/review on the MBP before your 14 day any reason return policy is up to ensure you have a solid machine and no minor/major annoyances? I picked up a 2017 last week and it had a deformed gasket on the lid - I went and swapped it out the other day, no problem - and I'm glad I did. I almost missed it though and would've been bummed if I was past the 14 days and had to live with it.

    I'm sorry if this has been asked already - if it has, I couldn't find it. I figured the MR community would be the best place to ask as most people here seem pretty knowledgable and particular about their Apple products.

    So I'm curious, anything to watch for?
  2. tvith macrumors member

    Nov 1, 2012
    Put it through your normal use to make sure it's not giving any error. Other than that, checking the speakers, keyboard, screen brightness, messing with all the tb buttons, making sure they're all working and receiving your input. Other than that, I usually check the systems info to make sure the ram, cpu, gpu aren't running excessively for no reason.

    I guess the same as what to check for with any electronics? IDK if there's a difference between Apple and other laptops. This is my first MBP so I just did what I usually do when buying any other laptop.
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    I check the build, meaning I look for scratches, dents and the like. Haven't had one yet in the machines that I've bought, but it's just good form to be thorough.

    After that I check the ports and make sure they work. Same thing with the keyboard, trackpad and speakers.

    After that I go about my day and use the computer.
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    Pretty much this.

    You can never be 100% certain everything is perfect but that's what warranties are for. Personally I inspect for any visual defects, as you cannot get that repaired after the 14 days. If the GPU dies in 6 months I can get that sorted though. So have a good look over it and start using it, if nothing presents itself in the first week it's likely fine. There's always the possibility of an obscure thing I never noticed but you just have to trust the build quality and warranty on those things.

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