iPad When you get a new iPad and before you leave the store, do this.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by chupachup, Aug 6, 2014.

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    I guess if you buy it online too. First thing to do, in my opinion:

    1) Check the camera. Take a few pictures and switch it and make sure the front facing one is working too.
    2) take a video and talk, snap your finger next to the microphone. This checks the Mic.
    3) Most importantly: Check the SCREEN immediately. I like to get things at the store and I stay there until I check the screen for dead pixels.

    Now, safari in the iPad won't go full screen for some reason (stupid in my opinion) so just go to Google, type "dead pixel check", go to Images. Save the black picture, the red one, green, yellow and white, don't forget the white one.

    go to your photos app and zoom in so it is full screen now and check it carefully for dead pixels. The black one will not only help you with the dead pixels but also if it has a bad light bleeding issue.


    and the thing about dead pixels is, once you see them you can never un-see them. it'll bother you forever

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    I just check the screen. You don't need to go past the "hello" screen. Just look at the mostly blank white screen for any dust or dead pixels.

    Good thing I checked instore to, my first Air had some dust. I immediately exchanged and my currant on is perfect.
  3. Shadowbech, Aug 6, 2014
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    When I buy apple products, the first thing I do in store is to unbox it in front of the person who processed my payment. I thoroughly check for any damages or scratches to the device. If there is any damage or scratch out of the box, I refuse to accept it and will immediately ask for a different one or get a refund.

    Now that you mentioned this I went to the bathroom to check and I do have a lightbleed on the bottom corner, but only if the screen is bright in a dark area. However in a bright area, I barely notice it.

    Not sure if I should make a trip to the Apple store and return/exchange, since I purchased within 14 days.

    Edit: So I decided to take it back to the Apple store for an exchange and I have to say that I got a good one this time. No damages to the device, and I even checked for backlight bleed and there is no backlight bleed on this one. I am one happy customer.

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