When you Replace a Mac at the Apple Store?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by ceezy3000, Apr 16, 2009.

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    well ive alredy posted this be4 but i couldnt get to read the response s or rather i didnt get to. well my macbook has gone in for 3 repairs already and its having probs so im sure im going to get a replacement. its a 2g ram 250gb hard drive 2.4 ghz black macbook. i got it refurb from apple for 1,049 but came out to 1,150 with t taxes. so when i take it in for a relacement willl i get something of equal value or wil i be able to get the same spec aluminum macbook? i mean its only fiar since ive had 3 repiars in 3 months. i didnt even get the printer. has anyone had a case similar to this? did u get the same spec or the same price?
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    usually you get a new model. my friend did but sometimes it depends on the rep that is helping you out
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    Hopefully your next mac will come with a spell checker. It's virtually impossible to read what you wrote.
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    LOL WUT?
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