Where are the Apple clothing?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by VinegarTasters, Nov 28, 2015.

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    I find it kind of odd that Apple starts grabbing CEO's of design and clothing firms but has not come out with one clothing item yet (well, not counting the T-Shirts they give to staff). I think they need vision. So I am here to offer some tips so they can at least grow and give something people want in these coming years. Buying Beats instead of coming up with something unique was a terrible terrible idea. They even shuttered Beat's streaming music service and now we are stuck with mediocre Beats headphones no serious listener will buy. So here are some good future tech products...

    1) Manufacture a good jacket. It should initially be able to attach to the iPhone via lightning port and provide 30 days of charge via hidden waterproof thin battery pack membranes inside the jacket itself. Where the iPhone is located is up to user or a good designer. Inside pocket, lower pocket, etc. It should be secure for running.

    2) The jacket can flip up near the neck providing headphones to both ears "naturally", or have stereo speakers located on left and right side of the sleeves or cuffs that allows people to adjust closeness and stereo-ness of the audio. Hell, you can add 5.1 channel audio in different places in the jacket if you do it right. The power of the speakers can be taken from the battery packs inside the jacket.

    3) Because of the extra power provided, the jacket can provide accessories to the iPhone without requiring people to be carrying them around in the hand. Keyboards, joypads, large screens, etc. The possibilities are endless. But the future is what is important. If the jacket is designed right, the whole future iPhone can be just the jacket itself, and modular things like screen, battery, etc can be plug and played right into the jacket. For example, the iPhone touch screen can be embedded on the sleeves or cuffs (right or left side). People wearing the jacket can trigger connected devices in the home. Fingerprint sensor can be located underneath the cuffs of the sleeves, etc. The biggest factor is good fashion. So maybe hire some more designers with long history like high fashion (Polo, Armani, North Face, etc), or sports (Nike, etc).
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    Translation of selected portions of this post:

    "I think I know more about product design and marketing than the people in charge of one of the most profitable companies on Earth."

    "I love to run wearing a jacket, doesn't everyone?"

    "It would be a great idea to have surround sound blasting out over the collar of my jacket while I'm out and about. Shame I wouldn't hear it over the ambient noise and it would annoy literally everyone in earshot."

    "I am smoking crack."
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