Where are the note files stored in Mountain Lion for Notes app?


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Apr 14, 2009
I'm trying to delete a particular Note I made but it keeps crashing (just that particular note).

What I want to do it try deleting the actual Note file manually in Finder but I cannot find the location. I've tried "show package contents" on the app but no luck. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place?


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Mar 14, 2011
You can find them here:


Unfortunately they aren't separate files, but instead packed inside a couple of files. I'm not sure how you might go about editing these to get rid of just that one note.


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Apr 14, 2009
solved it. I moved the file "NotesV1.storedata-wal" onto the desktop and opened and quit Notes. Then put the file back and opened Notes again and problem solved.


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Apr 19, 2009
Mac Notes cannot be exported, OS Mtn Lion

I've had my Macs for so long I have over 1000 notes in Notes.
but they total almost 2,000, since there are so many duplicates. (31 megabytes.)
Don't know where the dupes came from but they vary from 2 to 6 duplicates of about half the Notes.

So, just warning those that might want to use Mac Notes.

Can no longer export notes from Mtn Lion OS.

Better to use aftermarket Notes of some kind!

Or get rid of the mac and get a PC :) which is even worse of course :)

But, today I bought Gemini, duplicate finder and remover for mac, got from APPLE store. It was on sale yesterday, but had no time to get it.
today it was normal $9.99 price, but got it anyway.
However, I got it because I needed to remove multiple duplicates in Mac Notes.
but it does NOT do that.
finally found where notes are stored:
You can access the ~/Library folder by opening Finder, selecting Go in the menu, hold down the option/alt key and select Library from that menu.

Found it there, but CANNOT OPEN WITH ANYTHING BUT NOTES, AND CAN'T SAVE from Notes! )(&$& @*&^! apple computer!!!!)

spent 1.8 hrs (& unknown hours earlier today) removing duplicates, then still have to move them ONE AT A TIME to Evernote.

May be a PC IS a good idea!
BUT, Once you get a Mac, it's like Hotel California, you can never leave.


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Nov 24, 2011
Rugby, UK
Hi Guys,

Just to let you know, the .storedata file is a SQLite file, so if you rename it to NotesV2.sqlite you can then open the database with applications such as SQLite Professional (free) and look within the ZNOTEBODY table, in which you can find all of your notes in HTML format (readable, but better if you save it as a .html file and open it in the browser).

Hope this helps someone!

John Greer

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Jun 20, 2011
Wayne, NJ USA
I had that same problem until I started using Thunderbird as my mail client. To my surprise, Notes appears as a folder and the individual notes appear as if they were emails. I now use ImportExportTools to back-them-up!
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