Where can I find various recycling facilities?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by stoid, May 22, 2008.

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    So I noticed in my trash bin today that I'm throwing out a lot of materials that should be recyclable. Mostly it's empty packaging from my grocery items, and the weekly ad papers.

    I would really like to be able to get into the habit of recycling these objects instead of tossing them into a landfill. However, I don't know how to find what and where certain recyclables can be handled in my area. I tried searching on Google, but was unable to find any useful information for the 62226 zip code.

    Frankly, with the incredible power of the internet as a collaboration tool and the nation-wide eco-friendly kick that many people are (belatedly) taking up, I'm a bit shocked that there isn't some recycling information and drop-off center database. I was wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction as to where to recycle things like paper/cardboard, aluminum cans, glass, plastic, and tin cans. I could cut my trash output to 10% of what it is now if I tried, and I'd love to take up the challenge of throwing out as little as possible.

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