where can I get a new Hard drive for my 7100

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by Macpropro80, Feb 23, 2009.

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    Jan 31, 2009
    Hello again. I am paranoid about Disk failure, so much so that on my main system everything is backed up in 4 places and on 2 dvds each. I am affraid of the life of my 7100's hard drive so I want to buy a new one. Where can I find one that is compatible with this old system? 7100/66 circa 1994.
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    So you have reason to believe its going to die soon? Is it making bad noises or not spinning up sometimes? If not, then I think you're just fine. Its just an old SCSI apple drive. Probably 200mb? I'd honestly not worry about it unless you think the drive is about to die. Just pick up another internal SCSI drive and you're good to go.
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    wow, old school!

    been a long time since i worked with 50 pin wide scsi stuff. i do remember using a 9gb narrow 50 pin sun disk with a 50 narrow/wide adapter and had no problems, but think it was on one of the 8000 series computers.

    the stuff is no longer made, that makes it more valuable, and harder to find. as an example, THIS is a store that i use a lot to source old and obsolete hardware, and they have several actual apple drives listed.

    if it were me, i'd lurk on ebay for older 50 pin scsi drives in the 2-9gb range, and give it a try. i looked in my closet, and don't have any or i'd send one on just to get rid of it! best of luck.
  4. MacTech68, Feb 23, 2009
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    Actually, I'd guess-timate that many of the sub 1GB drives are more reliable than their later cousins. I have a lot of 2-4GB SCSIs with too many bad blocks to map out, crashed heads etc, but many 200-500MB drives and older 40MB drives that still run quite happily.

    One of the best tools for testing them thoroughly was HardDisk ToolKit v1.7.7 - v4.5.1 . Their full read/write test with all options switched on and run in a loop for a day or two would catch out marginal bad blocks and map them out. You could even purge the "grown" defect list and start again. I have no idea where you'd find it these days, and FWB software appears to be defunct now. :(
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    Ah yes, the Butt Headed Astronomer model. I believe the 9 gig 10,000 rpm SCSI HDDs I had are long gone and I've also parted with the Nubus G3 upgrade I once had for one of those.

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