Where can I get bootcamp drivers?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by matt3526, Jun 24, 2016.

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    Hi all,

    I recently did a refresh of my windows 10 operating system. Does anyone know where I get the bootcamp drivers? I can't find them on the apple site. I miss things like trackpad scrolling, the volume buttons etc.

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    Mar 7, 2011
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    These are NOT up-do-date Boot Camp drivers! This is Boot Camp 5, a build specific to the 21.5-inch, Mid 2014 iMac. Boot Camp 5 does not support Windows 10. AFAIK the only straightforward way to get BC 6 drivers (specific to your machine) is via Boot Camp Assistant.
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    If you install an earlier version it will give you partial support, then download the updated drivers through Apple Software Update. Windows 10 has support for every driver in a 2014 iMac as the hardware is pretty standard (custom drivers are made to reduce heat as well as to improve performance for Mac OS). If you don't feel confident in my post, you can always open up bootcamp on another Mac and grab the drivers from there.

    In the case of Apple's drivers through ASU, they come from the same place that bootcamp grabs them, Apple does have a habit of waiting until the next release before publishing the current bootcamp driver to their website.

    I know this because I've had to do this before. I downloaded 5.0 but needed 5.2 drivers for whatever reason, probably Windows 8.1.

    Last thing, vladobizik, if you ever ran a netstat while downloading updates from Apple, you'd notice that they are downloaded from the same IP addresses (multiple servers handling failover and load balancing), the difference between the bootcamp download and the web page is one hides the ftp connection and automatically moves the software to proper location for install. I used to work in cloud computing and dealt with websites quite a bit, I'm all too familiar with these tricks. As a software developer now, I can tell you that if he downloads an older driver the only problem he might have with Windows 10 is hybrid graphics (in the high end MBP) due to different driver requirements. Since he uses an iMac the worst possible case for him is that Windows doesn't recognize the video driver and uses a generic driver until he updates it through ASU.
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    Yeah, sure, fair enough, that will work. I was solely commenting on 5.1.5722 not being the "latest version as of today" which is what your post suggested.
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    Yeah, it's a pita sometimes but as long as ASU "sees" bootcamp installed on the computer then it will try and update it.
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    To get the official bootcamp 6.x drivers, you do it on you OSx inside of BootCamp Assistant. Click on at action pulldown at the top of the screen and you can select to download the most recent bootcamp drivers. This will be the version 6 and it will work.

    I found that if you try and load an older version and then do the upgrade, the install will fail for some reason. That has been my experience for 3 installs on my 2014 Retinal iMac. If you download the most recent drivers and install them as soon as you install windows 10, then they work perfecty. The update will download new display drivers and also new keyboard/touchpad drivers too.

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