Where did the iTunes Section of the Forum Go


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Apr 13, 2009
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I am trying to find a place to post iTunes questions and I thought there was a category for this on the forum here?

I just simply can not find it


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Jun 19, 2009
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I was about to post, “Come on, it’s right here” and link to the spot, but then found out you seem to be right. ;)

Forum Spy has an iPod and iTunes Discussion (which has a sub-forum iPod Gear), but that doesn’t exist either.


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May 16, 2008
iTunes is actually in the iPod Forum now. I had forgot about that post from Doctor Q.
No, it's in Mac Applications. The iPod forum is for iPod hardware.

The iPod and iTunes forum has become the iPod forum and moved from the Apple Hardware section into the iPhone, iPod, iPad section.

iPods, iTunes, and the iTunes Store were originally focused on music. These days iTunes and the iTunes Store cover much more territory so it makes less sense to tie their discussion to iPods. iTunes is an important application but so are other Mac OS X applications like iPhoto. We'll use the Mac Applications for them all, so we've moved threads about iTunes into that forum.

Where to post
  • For discussions of iPods (nano, shuffle, mini, classic) and iPod accessories, use the iPod forum.
  • For discussions of iTunes and the iTunes Store, use the Mac Applications forum.
  • When in doubt, take your best guess as to where others would look for your thread. We know that some threads will fall into the grey area, e.g., questions about syncing an iPod to iTunes.


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May 16, 2008
I realize they wrote that, but they have iTunes as a guide in the iPod section, and you’ll see iTunes threads in there.
You also see MacBook Pro threads in the Mac Pro forum and iPhone threads in the Mac Mini forum, but that's not where they're supposed to be. Posters frequently post in the wrong forum.

There's even a sticky at the top of the iPod forum that says:
Use the Mac Applications forum for iTunes questions and discussions
The iPod forum is for threads about iPods other than the iPod touch.

For the iPod touch, use the iPod touch or iPod touch Hacks forum.

For questions and answers and discussion about iTunes, use the Mac Applications forum. That's true even if the topic is iTunes for Windows.

Thank you.
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