Where do baby refurbs come from?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by snouter, Jun 3, 2009.

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    My take on refurbs is that something has happened to the computer that means that it can not be sold as new. I'm guessing the machines are anything from simple scratches to returned machines that needed a new motherboard or maybe a component failure (hard drive or vid card) combined with a return?

    What are the limits on what constitutes refurbs and where do they come from?

    In theory they should be fine. Computers are mostly assembled components. Replace the failed component and you should be good to go. Cosmetic issues are even less of a concern.
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    They are also machines that have been returned for no other reason than the buyer changed their mind; in other words, nothing wrong at all, but cannot be resold as new. They're still completely gone over before sale in the refurb section, though.
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    As you state a 'baby refurb' could be all of those you mentioned but in addition and in my experience. A refurb may just in fact be a machine that was returned to Apple within their 14 day return window. I myself tried the 2.4 uMBP when it was first released. On seeing the spec for the 2.53 with it's extra cache etc blah! I decided I would test Apple's resolve and hold them to their word about replacing a machine that wasn't what you expected. On the 14th day I brought the 2.4 back they replaced it and also took back the extra ram kit which they were not supposed to do. So in short a refurb can be many things and like a 'baby' you have to be vigilante and careful!:D
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    May 23, 2009
    baby refurbs

    All of the above are possible.
    The Nice thing about refurbs is that they have been through QA at least twice.
    Bought more than a couple items from the Apple refurb shop, been completely pleased each time.

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