Where Do Sith Lords Shop?


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Feb 20, 2004
I've been asked to be a judge for a promotion industry awards event this year. One of my assigned categories is event marketing. So I'm going through the write-ups and photos and come to this and thought it was worth sharing...

Where does the evil Sith Lord Vader shop?


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Aug 2, 2005
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Another deleted scene from Return of the Jedi:
Emporer: "Prepare to witness the true power of this armed and fully operational space station!"
Vader: "Um, boss."
Emporer: "What is it now Ani? Can't you see I'm gloating!"
Vader: "Well, remember those lasers that we ordered from Walmart?"
Emporer: "Ahhh yes! Quite a bargain if I remember. $4.88 each, right. No place better to shop. I must remember to commend them."
Vader: "Well, um. They're on back order. Apparently the Ewok slave labor has been staging a rebellion on the Endor moon and..."
Emporer: " WHAT?! That's it, we're getting our parts from Lowe's next time."
Vader: "Um, it's the same company."
Emporer: "Huh? Sam's Club?"
Vader: "Yup."
Emporer: "What, are there any stores that we shop at not owned by Walmart?"
Vader: "No, they appear to be forming some type of evil corporate empire."
Emporer: "They will see the true power of the dark side of the force!"


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Aug 2, 2004
Vader on pot:

"Dude, I'm your dad!"

"Soon you will feel the POWER of the Dark... Ah, **** it. Pass me that brownie."

"Yoda, man, I can't understand a ****ing word you're saying."

"My Saber needs a Light."