Where have all my movies gone?

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    Ok, so to cut a long story short, yesterday I tried backing up my MBP via TM to an external HDD. However, there wasn't enough room so my MBP aborted it.

    When I next opened iphoto all my events had disappeared and some of my folders were missing from my desktop.

    Now the issue isn't iphoto (as I went through 8000 photos and separated them into events again) but with one folder on my desktop. I Kept all my movies in a folder named 'films', but since the folder has disappeared there is no sign of my movies anywhere on my MBP. I've looked everywhere, searched spotlight and finder etc. They must be somewhere as when taking a look at storage, video comes up with 100gb used.

    I can't re download from iTunes as I put them on my MBP myself.

    I'm totally lost. Any help is greatly appreciated...
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    Have you tried a Finder search where kind is movies? If you know the extension of your movie files you can try something like this in the Terminal application.

    find / -type f -name "*.m4v"

    mdfind -onlyin /Users/yourusername/ "(kMDItemFSName = "*.mp4" || kMDItemFSName = "*.m4v")"
    You can also use software like Disk Inventory X etc ...

    Note : the / will search the entire hd. You can replace / with /Users/yourusername to search in your home folder.

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