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    Here are my predictions for where Apple is going in the next year or so.

    Apple’s stock has been falling heavily since last September when it hit over $700. Apple has also been challenged more and more in many of its markets, especially the phone market, with HTC and Samsung releasing brand new flagship phones such as the HTC One and Galaxy S IV about 6 months before Apple’s expected release of the iPhone 5S. Apple is definitely losing from traction on the ground they had been dominating before and it’s because of that that I think over the next few years we will see Apple taking a jump forward and possibly taking a risk so as to jump back to the top of the competiton. Here’s what I see for Apple down the road. Please note that the following predictions do take into consideration rumors, but do not depend solely on them.

    iOS 7:
    We’re most likely to see a brand new iOS preview in June at Apple’s WWDC conference. I expect the new software to have a UI refresh. I don’t think it will be a complete overhaul but it will remove most of the skeuomorphism and bringing a range of new features to compete with the ever-growing competition from the likes of Samsung and HTC. I expect many of the new features to be optional, and features that can be kept turned off in settings, so as not to impact the experience of users who love their iPhone with iOS 6. Some features which I predict will be in iOS 7 include some sort of toggles either in notification center or in the multitasking bar, similarly to the jailbreak tweak Auxo, I also think Apple will release APIs for developers to make their apps “Siri compatible” and also I think we will see many improvements on already existing features such as more Siri capabilities and a weekends Do Not Disturb option. Lastly, I expect Apple to allow for just a tiny little more customization with several new settings in the Settings app, however, I wouldn’t hold my breath for anything extreme because knowing Apple’s closed nature, it’s probably not going to come.

    Mac Lineup:
    I believe the Mac lineup to be perfectly stable as it is now and I expect only the usual specs bumps to be released at least one more time this year, following February’s upgrade and price cuts for some of Apple’s notebook lineup. I don’t see Apple’s MacBook Air going Retina this year because Apple wants the MacBook Air to remain their cheapest laptop and the costs for manufacturing Retina displays is still to high to permit that (hence the high prices of Retina MacBook Pros). I would expect Apple to release a Retina display MacBook Air sometimes in 2014.

    iPhone 5S:
    I think the iPhone 5S will be released around the August time frame, anticipated from the September/October of 2011 and 2012 because of the growing competition. I think the iPhone 5S will keep the same design as the current iPhone 5 and I believe the killer new feature will be a fingerprint scanner, which will push Apple back to the top of the game away from Samsung and HTC. I don’t think Apple will release multiple colors for the iPhone 5S so as to keep it as professional as possible.

    iPad/iPad Mini:
    I think the iPad Mini will get the Retina display in October of this year, and along side the new iPad Mini there will be a new full-size iPad which will change design so as to follow the iPad Mini with thinner bezels and a less rounded back. I also think this will be the last design change we will see in the iPad for a few years, and I believe from then on the iPad will be updated like Apple’s Mac lineup is today with processor bumps at random intervals.

    I expect the mitical Apple iTV, Apple’s full-size TV, to be unveiled in January 2014 at a special event, as it seems that January is when Apple usually releases its revolutionary products, such as the iPhone and the iPad, for the first time. The iTV will likely not ship immediately and will ship later in Q2-Q3 of 2014. I believe Apple’s iTV will come in multiple sizes, likely 50”, 55” and 60”. It will likely be a 1080P TV, at least for the first model, and what will distinguish will be its connectivity to the Internet. Apple will likely allow you to subscribe to different channels, or shows, through iTunes and you will be able to watch everything streaming off the Internet. As is classic with Apple products I don’t think the iTV will have any inputs for any additional devices.

    Am I completely wrong? Do you guys think I miss something? Let me know what you think!

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    This should probably be in discussions, not in buying advice.
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    According to the "Apple is doomed" folks, this is where Apple is going...

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