where is iPhoto putting my video clips?!

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by boynigel, Aug 26, 2009.

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    Jul 19, 2009
    i had a recent HD failure on one of my two macs that required replacement of the drive. each computer serves as backup to the other so once i had replaced the HD i had to transfer all my pics, among other things, onto the computer with the new HD. i dragged my iphoto folder, the one in my Pictures folder of the backup computer, onto an external HD. then hooked up the external HD to the computer w/the new drive. i dragged the iphoto folder into it's Pictures folder. all the pics were there, but no videos. i did get a message saying that a bunch of files couldn't be transferred. i'll have to assume those were my videos. what i'm trying to understand is, where does iPhoto put all my videos? these are just 60-second video clips from my still camera, but i have many. they show up in my iphoto window (of the backup computer) w/all the other pics, but when i go to the iphoto folder that's in the Pictures folder they're not there. i right click to "show package contents" and go through all the Originals folders and there are NO videos. all pics. i've checked the Movies folder and they're not there either. spotlight isn't an option for me as i run an application (Pro Tools) that requires turning off journaling. if it matters, they're AVI files. i just don't understand where they're being put by iphoto. or am i simply going about the transfer process all wrong?
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    Use the Finder to bring up your iPhoto library and find folders named 'Thumbs' and 'Originals' for any date that you took video.

    In my iPhoto library the video clips are in the 'Originals' folders. Jpg stills representing the clips are listed in the regular dated folder with any other .jpg or .tiff files.

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