Where is the elusive IMGrab?

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    IMGrab is a wildly mysterious program rumored to let you save images off the web via your safari's history url list.

    I've seen several people talking about how great it is.
    This makes me excited.
    I have seen as many people saying they couldn't find the app in installer.
    This makes me concerned.
    Alas, the app does not show up in my installer either.
    This makes me confused and disappointed.
    I have searched high and low for info regarding the app, and none is to be found.
    This makes me even more determined to track it down.

    Does anyone here have this potential very useful application, and if so, what are your listed sources? The rest of us must be missing one. Also, can one of you guys, STE, Boss or whomever, strike a deal and package/release this thing? It sounds great.

    Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my empty, cold, remorseless, but deeply bottomless heart,


    Windmills do not work that way! Goodnight!!!
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    Mar 25, 2008
    First you need a jailbroken ipod.

    Go to intaller and click sources.

    Click "edit" then "add" and add


    click ok and wait for your sources to refresh.

    Go to install and click "all packages" then scroll down to the "i" section and look for IMGrab. It should be there, this is how i got it.

    Install that and then install the IMGrab patch underneath it other wise IT WILL NOT WORK.

    Exit installer and the app should be on the home screen. To get to the images you save, you have to use Cute FTP or another FTP program to connect to your ipod (there are various tutorials on how to do this on youtube, just search it). OR there is an app called camroll, that lets you look at them in the photos section. I have it but i cant remember what source i added to get it, so just google it or something.


    if you get the error

    Failed to download package

    or something similar, exit installer and turn off your ipod then turn it back on. This always works for me and should be the same for everyone else.

    Hope this helped, any more problems just PM me.

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