Where is the minimalism in iOS7? Somebody has found it?


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Jun 9, 2008
iOS 7 is a lot more heterogenous than iOS6. I can't see something that unify everything. It is like they want to put a lot of things on it without renouncing to anything.

1. Some apps have ultra colorful icons, and others are 255.255.255 white combined with orange. So ugly that I can't even look at them. The contrast is a pain to the eye, even more at night. Choose a game John Ive, the game of whites or the game of pastel colors. But not all! This is a basic notion of minimalism. Choosing the less.

2. There are four layes in the springboard desktop:
·The notification center (with three pages) - Swiping down from the top
·The Spotligh gesture - Swiping down from the center
·The control center - swiping up from bottom.
·And the App Switcher - double pushing home button.
I have found myself trying to remember which gesture I have to make to enable them and usually mistaking. I don't want to see my mother trying to learn all of this new gestures. They have to sum up things.

I think that it could be done with swipe with from up and down ONLY. Just like Zephyr or something like that.

3. There are caustic white keyboards, and then you open another app with dark gray keyboard??
Just choose one John!! or change them with the ambient light or something like that.

4. Lockscreen..
· Swipe from left to unlock.
· Swipe from bottom for control center.
· Swipe from down right for camera
· Swipe from top for notification center with three pages..

This is too much John Ive, where is the minimalism!!

Less is more... and more is less.

What do you think?


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Jul 4, 2007
Atlanta, GA
1. I don't like how many of them currently are either, but since they've basically said things will change before release I'm not worried.

2. Doesn't bother me. I hardly use Spotlight so I'm happy they got rid of the page I often accidentally go to.

3. The keyboard coloring is based on when the keyboard is over. In that context it doesn't bother me.

4. I have all these swipes with my jailbreak and I'm able to rememebr them.

Would you rather the OS stayed the same simplified thing for years?