Where is the true NMP?


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May 12, 2005
I'm so sad that Apple can't do something "insanely great" in this context.
The 3 year old cylinder is rusting a bit.
It was old on the first day of its release.
The first time I didn't buy in to a new Mac pro system.

Hey Apple!
Hey Tim!

A killer box could be assembled for less than .0000001% of your pocket change.

Not a priority... Yes, I get that, but it could still be a nice jewel in the crown.
A Dell beating super desktop?
A superbly designed tower with Apple's high design and state of the art connectivity.

Sorry, it was just a dream.

I await the next shiny black cylinder of pro.
I'm sure it will be very compact.
I'm sure it won't be upgradeable.
I fear that it will be behind the curve on the day of its release.



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May 31, 2014
Your posting history is really funny to read. :D You sound like one of these guys who is still into this one girl after years.

I'm sorry Tim hurt your feelings.
Time to move on honey.


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May 12, 2005
I am a Mac Pro advocate.
As such, I advocate for a state of the art Mac Pro.
I will continue to do so.

Yes, many threads here about this sad state of affairs, but nobody is holding Apple accountable.
Or that's how it looks to me.
I mention Tim because he is in charge now and could possibly do something about it.

Just sayin'
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