Where should I buy the 4S?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by realmike15, Oct 6, 2011.

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    I haven't bought an iPhone in 3 years. My 3G is needless to say, outlived it's usefulness. I'm getting ready to purchase either the 32GB or 64GB 4S and I'm not sure who might be the best place to buy from. I bought my 3G from AT&T.

    I don't like AT&T's insurance plan, so I was looking at either Apple or Best Buy as an alternative. Who do you think gets their iPhones the fastest though on launch day? I know AT&T gets a morning shipment on launch, but I also know I didn't get the call to come pick mine up until the afternoon. If you order from Apple, are there expedited shipping options at all, and does that help? From what I've heard, Best Buy has a great insurance plan... but I don't know if it's available on launch day there, or if it can take longer to receive your phone.

    Yea I know, a lot of questions. Just hoping someone might be able to tell me the quickest way to receive my iPhone. The two Apple stores around me are unfortunately both about an hour away... however Best Buy and AT&T are everywhere.
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    Apple.com or Apple store would be the best for you. I don't like BB cuz they are usually limited to how many iPhones they have in stock.

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