Where To Buy An iBook In Thailand?

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    I apologise for the briefness of this post, but the electricity has been pretty dodgy here over the last few days and I don't want to do a big write up only for it to be deleted. So, I'll cut to the chase...

    I'm looking to buy the base model 12" iBook with Airport Extreme card and iSight camera.

    Does anybody know where I would be able to purchase these items in Thailand at a discounted rate (I know, I know, discounted Apple products = not very likely...but in Thailand pretty much anything is possible)?

    Secondhand is also an option.

    I'm based in Chiang Mai but can purchase in Bangkok if need be.

    Thanks for looking,

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    Go to this website


    there are a many Apple Centres in Bangkok
    the followings are the main ones:

    2 stores at Pantip Plaza (Ratchathewi BTS station):

    The shop called Uficon (3rd floor, close to the escalator, see website above) is usually the cheapest in Thailand.

    The other shop at Pantip (on the same floor, facing the atrium) is usually more expensive, and is operated by an IT company called SVOA.

    There are 2 stores at Fortune Town a.k.a. Fortune IT Mall (Phra Ram 9 MRT station):

    Both outlets are run by SVOA... one is found on the 3rd floor (close to the Atrium, near Bangkok Bank / Fujitsu) while the other one is found on the 4th floor (next to the escalator). The store on the 4th floor is the main outlet.

    Also, there is another Apple Center at Siam Discover Center (4th floor, next to Asia Books, bridge to Siam Center)... Things here are usually the most expensive.

    Note that usually prices are exclusive of the 7%VAT and you may ask for a VAT refund as a tourist.

    Also, payment by credit card is usually charged (2.5 to 3.0%). Cash is preferred.
    Lastly, try to bargain for discounts if you are also getting some accessories.

    If you are getting a iBook or PowerBook, you can have the choice of having the international keyboard withor without Thai character printed on them. The same goes to wired keyboard that comes with the PowerMac.

    Sometimes, iBook or Powerbook comes with the UK 3-pin plug instead of the US 2-pin plug (that's used in Thailand). Check with the buyer before purchase.

    There are Apple stores outside Bangkok, but for the best deals, it's better to buy it personally in Bangkok.

    For all repairs and technical support, please go to http://www.maccenter.co.th. The Mac Center at Rama III (close to Central Rama III) is the authorised Apple Service Provider.

    There are many Mac user websites in Thailand. The main one is:

    http://www.macdd.com (Thai)

    If you are interested in using broadband. You can use "True Internet". I have tried this while I was in Thailand (connection good, v fast, cheap and unlimited connection time) but other ISPs might be just as Mac friendly but I have never tried it (check with them first).

    Note that you have got to use either a 3com wireless gateway (market price: 5500 baht) or other ADSL modems which link up with your computer with RJ45 cable, not those with USB cable.

    Enjoy yourself in Thailand.

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