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    From Gizmodo Link

    Some things to note:
    • All of the locations below offer pre-order, starting tomorrow, except for Walmart, which will just have the new iPhone on launch day.
    • Apple.com is the only place to pre-order online. Update: Apparently you can pre-order online at AT&T starting tomorrow as well.
    • AT&T and Apple are the only two of the bunch that sounded confident that you could get your iPhone 4 shipped to your house on the 24th, saving you from potential soul- and body-crushing line experiences on launch day.
    • Best Buy's $50 down payment is in the form of a gift card, so if you change your mind between tomorrow and the 24th, you won't be out any cash.
    • Prices, as previously stated, are $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB for the upgrade eligible; $399 and $499 respectively for an early upgrade.

    When and where do I order: At any Apple Store tomorrow at opening or on Apple's website
    When do I get it: On the 24th, at the Apple Store at which you reserved it, or shipped to your house or business.
    When do I pay: On the 24th when you pick it up

    When and where do I order: At AT&T's site or In-store at any iPhone-selling AT&T retail location starting tomorrow at opening
    When do I get it: on the 24th, at that AT&T location or shipped to your home or business (it'll arrive on the 24th).
    When do I pay: In full tomorrow when you pre-order
    Best Buy

    When and where do I order: In-store at any Best Buy location starting tomorrow at opening
    When do I get it: On the 24th, during an appointment they'll call you to set up a few days before
    When do I pay $50 tomorrow, which goes to a gift card redeemable toward the full price paid on the 24th.

    When and where do I order: In-store at any RadioShack location starting tomorrow morning
    When do I get it: In that store on the 24th
    When do I pay: $50 down payment tomorrow, the rest on the 24th

    When and where do I order: In-store at any Walmart location starting on the 24th—no pre-orders
    When do I get it: Right when you buy it
    When do I pay: Right when you walk in
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    Unfortunately, the AT&T pick-up for preorders is the 25th, not the 24th. I was told this by a sales rep.

    This happened last year. For some reason, AT&T doesn't give preorder customers the advantage. Anyone standing in line the morning of the 24th can pick one up, but not someone who has preordered.
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    Thats not what happened with my AT&T store. I am pre ordering from AT&T store. Paying it off fully tomorrow, they said when I pick it up they will also upgrade swap to my line since I am using another family member's upgrade.

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