Where to buy Macbook 13.3 display?


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Jun 29, 2007
So, I got a 12 am phone call from my 18 y/o cousin and she is hysterically crying about her macbook. apparently she knocked her 3 month old macbook off of her bunk in her dorm and it plummeted to its screen's demise.

the screen is destroyed but the computer works, I plugged in my extra display and all is well.

she doesn't want her parents to know she broke it and has asked me to fix it.

Where can I buy a screen assembly? Ifixit? anywhere else?

Is it worth buying a screen fro $399 and doing the work myself?



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Jan 16, 2002
My daughter dropped our iBook on the floor a while back. The screen was damaged and I purchased and installed a new LCD panel.

The replacement was fairly straight forward. I think anyone who's comfortable fixing things could accomplish a screen swap. You might shop around for the best price on LCD panels. When I was looking there was a wide range of prices.
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