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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ry8215, Mar 26, 2013.

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    I have an iMac that was bought in 2006 and has been upgraded as far as it can go. Recently with school and work I have decided that I need an upgrade in performance and it only makes sense to buy a MacBook. But as I am in medic school and have been donating many hours to the hospital with no pay, I dont have much money to be spending, so I cannot get the usual best macbook out there. I need to get the best bang for my buck. It seems to me that the MacBook 15" model out there seems to offer the best performance with some ability to upgrade the unit down the road if necessary. The Retina display seems a little expensive for what I need, as well as I dont like that fact that it offers little ability to upgrade RAM....plus RAM soldered to the board scares me, not the easiest thing to fix if it fails. So I have really settled on the lower end 15" MacBook Pro, but now where to buy it????? Again I am trying to save some money while still buying from somewhere that will back it up. So far the apple store refurbished models seem to be the best answer for around $1500, but i see the same models at other websites for around $999. Does anyone know some other reliable websites to buy a MacBook through??
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    Try here:


    The apple store participates in the discover card shoppers feature. If you have a discover credit card, you can log into your discover account and click on the link to the Apple store(s) to save 5% (rebate). There may be other credit cards and stores that offer this, check yours.

    You are a student so the apple store for education can save you another $50 - $150. Combine that with the 5% extra cash back, and you can knock $200 - $300 off the apple store list price. Apple will also discount apple care and accessories. I run through the comparisons every time I buy a Mac and 95% of the time the low cost option is the education store either refurb or new.
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    Stick to Apple and it's authorized resellers. Anything else and you're gambling.


    On the internet Portable One and MacMall seem to have the best reputation while providing discounts on new models. If you're going the refurb route stick to the Apple certified refurbs, and you can use refurb.me to keep track of inventory and get email alerts when the model you want is in stock. You can also try Best Buy for a discounted open box item but YMMV.

    Of course if you do go the eBay/Craigslist route do your necessary vetting, etc.
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    I found a local Apple Authorized service center that sells refurbished macs for better deal than Apple. You might see if you have local stores near you.
    I checked mine out (by walking in and asking questions, checking testimonials on their site) before buying.
    I bought a 2011 MBP for less than apple's refurb and it has 2 years Apple Care.

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